Let your impact speak for itself. Video and photography are very powerful mediums for this. Photojournalism has been critical to She’s the First. I can’t imagine where the organization would be without Kate Lord, the humanitarian journalist who has captured our Scholars’ smiles and stories through her lens.
— Tammy Tibbetts, Founder & CEO of She's the First, in a Forbes' article
Kate has traveled around the world with She’s the First, a nonprofit that sponsors girls’ education. She has taken photos of students at home, in the classroom, and at play. She always shows the utmost sensitivity, and what’s more, connects with her subjects in an authentic manner, so her photos always reveal truth. No matter the situation or setting, she always finds a way to pull off stunning photographs that are true to life and the personality of her subject. She is exceptionally gifted at visual storytelling, and you won’t regret hiring her to tell yours. I whole-heartedly recommend you hire Kate Lord for your next visual project.
— Christen Brandt, Co-Founder + CPO of She's the First
What made Starfish decide to work with Kate multiple times is her visible passion for the cause and her unique ability to connect with staff and students. It made for an easy rapport that put everyone at ease and made the photos fun.

Kate is blends resilience with creativity. Shooting in a developing country entails countless curve balls, but Kate lands on her feet and is still able to capture the otherwise unseen angle.

Starfish has chosen Kate multiple times for its photos for her attention to detail before, during and after the shoot. Her commitment to making sure the results serve the organization makes her very easy to work with.

Kate is all about the cause of Girls’ Education, and it shows in her total commitment to conveying empowerment. Kate uses her lens as an opportunity to show the world how impressive the Girl Effect really is.
— Travis Ning, Executive Director of Starfish One by One
Kate has made a huge difference in how we tell our story through video and film. She has a skilled eye, understands our goals, works within our timeframe and budget, and consistently delivers a high-quality project. We have used her for a number of engagements including our marketing materials and our gala and we will definitely use her again. I recommend her work highly.
— Scott Millstein, Executive Director of Coro New York Leadership Center